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赤外線撮影 (InfraRed Photography - English)

IDP データベース (The IDP Database - English)

未知の領域へのナビゲート (Navigating Through Uncharted Territory - English)


Enjoy It While it Lasts: A Brief Golden Age of Freedom of Scholarly Information? (English)

The Question of Forgeries (English)

Suvarṇaprabhāsottamasūtra (English)

A Review of Tangut Buddhism, Art and Textual Studies (English)

Introduction to Descriptive Catalogue of the Chinese Manuscripts from Tunhuang in the British Museum (English)

Médecine, société et religion dans la Chine médiévale Manuscrits de Dunhuang et pratiques de santé (French)

Abstracts of the Medical Manuscripts from Dunhuang (English)

A Chinese Medieval Treatment for Angina (English)

Proceedings (Extract) of XII International Congress of Orientalists, Rome, October 1899 (English)


When Objects are Beyond Conservation: Recovering Visual Information from Damaged Artifacts (English)

Fibre Analyses of Dunhuang Documents in the British Library (English)

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